album cover detail




When Ari Huff first started playing in the Good Thieves, I had no idea that in addition to being a great bass player she was also an incredible artist with a love of comic books and graphic novels. After seeing some of her drawings for a comic book she was working on, I asked if I could use them as posters for upcoming shows. Eventually it came time to create a cover for Beautiful Mess and the only thought I had design-wise was that I knew I wanted to get Ari involved somehow. Rather than discuss potential approaches ad nauseum—which I'm often wont to do—Ari simply asked me for a copy of all the lyrics on Beautiful Mess and went to work. For months after that I had no idea what she was working on until she invited me by her apartment after rehearsal one night to see for myself. I was blown away by the fact that she had essentially created a mini comic based on the lyrics to each song. The detail and characters were amazing and I loved the fact that the narrative was all her own. The cd insert is a special 14"x14" poster of the cover art, but for those who'd like to look at the art up close online we've placed one panel per page...