Liner Notes – Beautiful Mess



Track Listing:


1. Girl Meets God

2. Turn Around

3. Lost in Translation

4. Citizen’s Band

5. True Blue

6. Gone, Gone, Gone

7. Yer Mine

8. It’s Time

9. Waste a Goodbye

10. Not Alone

11. Breaking in Two

12. Just Might Cry

13. Please Don’t Go


Produced by Bill McGarvey

Co-Produced & mixed by Gary Solomon


Recorded in the kitchen, mixed in the living room.


All Songs Written by Bill McGarvey

© 2006 Good Thief Music, BMI

Tracks 4, 9 McGarvey/Dima

© 2006 Billy Liar Music, BMI.

Track 3 McGarvey/Broulliet

© 2006 Good Thief Music, BMI


BMcG: Vocals, Cocktail Drums (3, 8, 9),

Percussion, Guitars, Banjo, Mando Guitar,

Mandolin, Harmonica


The Good Thieves:

Jason Loughlin: Guitars, Yamaha CP70, Lap Steel, Bass

Stephen Hund: Drums (11, 13), Backing Vocals

Mike Tichy: Guitars, Wurlitzer, Backing Vox, Bass

Kimberly Nordling-Curtin: Flute, Backing Vox, Violin



Tony Leone: Drums (1, 2, 5-7, 12)

Byron Isaacs: Bass (1, 2, 5-8, 11, 12)

Amy Helm: Duet Vocals on “True Blue”

Jon Graboff: Pedal Steel (13)

Andy Burton: Piano (4, 12, 13),

Organ (6, 8, 12, 13), Wurlitzer (6)

Eric dePicciotto: Guitar (1-3, 8)

Thomas Novembre: Tremolo Guitar (7)

Deena Shoshkes: Backing Vox (1, 3, 7)

Marianne Osiel: Backing Vox (9)

Kirsten Thien: Backing Vox (13)

Erik Lawrence: Saxaphone (6, 11)

Steve Bernstein: Trumpet (6, 11)

Gary Solomon: Bass (13), Wurlitzer (4)


The Obsessive-Compulsive, Irish-Catholic Chorus: B Vox [9]


Barbara & Bill McGarvey, Robert McDonald,

Kara McDonald, Kiersten McDonald,

Patty McGarvey-Knebels, Kate Knebels,

Blaise Knebels

Dog voices provided by Bailey and Lucy--

actual dogs who were not harmed in any way

during the making of this record

(unless overfeeding is considered a crime).


Nanuet High School Band

[on Solomon's Lament prior to track 11]

Arranged and Conducted by Michael Minard

Produced by Gary Solomon


Jon Roth-Trombone

Jon Weinman-Trombone

John Sweet-Trumpet

James Cha-Clarinet

Mark Skaba-Baritone

Joshua Burger-Bass Drum

BMcG-Snare Drum


"Breaking in Two" [11] is based in part on Ellen O'Grady's

Outside the Ark.


© 2006 Bill McGarvey


Box 764, Hoboken, NJ 07030


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