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from Beautiful Mess:

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Girl Meets God  (8.45 mb)  
Yer Mine (9.52 mb)  
It's Time  (7.38 mb)   
Gone Gone Gone  (7.04 mb)  
Turn Around  (6.64 mb)  

from Tell Your Mother

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Now  (5.04 mb) lyrics
Tell Your Mother  (4.58 mb) lyrics
Settle Down (Cornfed Beauty)  (1.90 mb) lyrics
Hang On  (4.69 mb) lyrics


Valentine Smith

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Lord, She Bores Me  (5.36 mb) from Valentine Smith  lyrics
Supernatural   (4.33 mb) from Valentine Smith  lyrics
Peacetime (Reprise) (4.39 mb) from Valentine Smith  lyrics


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You Came In Peace  (4.8 mb) from Putting In the Peacetime Hours  lyrics


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Katie's A No-Show  (4.5 mb) from Back On Earth lyrics
Disappointing Mary  RealAudio  from Back On Earth lyrics

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The Tell Your Mother Video     

Video credits:
    Produced by Bill McGarvey
     Directed and Edited by Adam Meyers
     Studio footage shot by Theresa Kereakes
     Live outdoor footage by Anna Lee Van Kleek
     Home movies courtesy of the McGarvey Family Archives

Valentine Smith

"Katie's A No-Show" Video (1994)

Valentine Smith--featuring BMcG on vocals--made a video of "Katie's A No-Show" for their debut album Back on Earth. Both the album and the single received rave reviews from outlets ranging from the New York Times and the Washington Post to Billboard.

The video was directed by Miles Barken and was featured on local video outlets around the US, Canada and Europe.

Valentine Smith:

Bill McGarvey-Vocals
Stephen Dima-Guitar
Brad Finkel-Bass
Wilbur Jones-Drums
Claudia Chopek-Violin


Due to YouTube's size restrictions, the video resolution is not as high as it could be. To see a higher resolution of the "Katie's a No-Show" video click on the small picture above.

Click here to visit the Valentine Smith website


BMcG on the BBC!

BBC, Radio 4 in Manchester, England has a popular radio series called Soul Music that takes an in-depth look at the effect a particular piece of music has had on people. In June, Bill was asked to participate in an episode dedicated to Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone." Other participants included Al Kooper (who played organ on the original recording), David Dye (from World Café radio) and critic Griel Marcus. Since the program wasn’t available in the United States, we’ve divided the 27 minute show into three 8-10 minute mp3s. Part 1 is where most of Bill’s interview appears (in his first appearance he’s the first to mention the song’s title at the top of the show).

Many thanks to Lindsay Leonard and Nicola Humphries from the BBC for all their help.

Listen to the MP3's:   Part I       Part II       Part III  

Check back frequently for new mp3's -- including unreleased demos and live tracks!


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