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Two New Songs (& and old Valentine Smith track) on a New Benefit Album

The Ron & Fez show on Sirius-XM Radio along with songwriter John Raido have put together a download-only compilation album, Cancer Sucks, that benefits a listener in Texas who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The album features two previously unreleased tracks from Bill McGarvey "Broken Lullaby" and "Robyn With A Why?" as well as Valentine Smith's "Katie's a No-Show" from the Back on Earth album (1994).

The Cancer Sucks album contains 25 tracks--including songs from old friends Deena Shoshkes and Jim Testa--all for $10. ALL THE MONEY RAISED WILL GO TO THE CAUSE...

Find out more and Download it here.


BMcG's Book on David Letterman!!!

Letterman and Paul Schaffer did a five minute segment on The Freshman Survival Guide. Check out the video below...


Bill writes a regular column in America

check out recent columns below...

"Full Immersion Therapy"

It's Spring Break time. Do you know where your college-age children are?

"A Requiem for Truthiness"

Stephen Colbert we hardly knew ye...

"I Watched 'The Interview'"

So that you won't have to...

"The Moviegoers"

An existential epiphany around "Calvary"

"Can the Bible Speak to Seekers?"

A video for Salt and Light Media regarding Spiritual but Not Religious

"Evangelizing Japan"

A Letter from an American Jesuit in Tokyo

"An Age of Consent"

The uproar over Title IX and the handling of sexual assault on campus

"Podcast: an American in Tokyo"

Bill McGarvey speaks with America's Executive Editor, Tim Reidy

"Young and Stressed Out in Japan"

Competition and anxiety are the biggest challenges for young people in Japan

"An American in Japan"

The Jesuit Web and a Visit to Sophia University

"Turned on by Tune In"

The first in a three volume set on the Beatles

"A Fellowship Grows in Brooklyn"

A Rabbi, a Painter and a Catholic musician walk into a Brooklyn coffee shop.

"A Revolution Recalled"

When the Beatles came to town

"Phone Calls, Postcards and Pete Seeger "

...or How I wrote a song with an American Icon without him really knowing it.

"Ray Davies...Rock's Binx Bolling "

The Kinks frontman in New Orleans

"Post-Clerical Catholics"

Who are these people giving clericals too much power?


In the beginning was the word and the word became text?!

"Who Am I to Judge?"

Alongside America's historic interview with Pope Francis!

"The Sexual Devolution"

An epidemic of bad sex that appears to be flourishing across the board among young adults...

"Post-Christian Rock"

On Mumford & Sons and the generation of Millennials raised as Evangelicals who have now grown up and are making God-haunted music NOT Christian rock...

"Boom and Bust"

Dear Baby Boomers, On behalf of Generation X, I want to formally say thank you. Thank you for David Crosby and Woodstock. While we're at it, thank you for the miracle of Viagra, the wisdom of Dr. Phil, the spiritual insight of Oprah and the ubiquity of Bill Clinton...Can we PLEASE move on?!


Bill McGarvey's Beautiful Mess

Mixing songs, stories, graphic comics, photos and video, Beautiful Mess is an autobiographical mixed-media show about the intersection of pop culture and belief that Bill has been doing at colleges across the United States.



BMcG's Book, 30,000 Copies Sold!

Bill McGarvey's book, The Freshman Survival Guide was first published in April 2011 and has gone on to sell 25,000 copies. Published by Center Street Press (Hachette Book Group USA), Bill and his co-author Nora have just finished an updated edition for 2013. The Freshman Survival Guide is available at bookstores everywhere and online at Amazon and all other book retailers. Check out the video below for more info or go to the website.





Bill McGarvey produces children's cd!


Karen K and the Jitterbugs

Pancakes for Dinner

Check out the cd here:

Brooklyn children's artist Karen K's debut cd Pancakes for Dinner--produced by Bill McGarvey and featuring Good Thieves Mike Tichy, Ari Huff and Stephen Hund--is incredible and it is now available!



Purchase Bill McGarvey Merchandise

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Check out new customized shirts, hats and accessories for men, women and children at our brand new online store...



Bill has recorded a special version of "Baby Please Come Home" for a video on The song is FREE to download here.

Recorded in the kitchen mixed in the living room by BMcG on Dec. 13, 2008.





Beautiful Mess

on sale... >>>>>>>>




For those who have happened upon this site because of my YouTube interview with novelist Anne Rice there is more information on the interview at


Feel free to listen to some music from my new cd, Beautiful Mess on this site or on











Bill McGarvey

 & the Good Thieves



The BustedHalo Show 

Bill and the Good Thieves play live on the SIRIUS BustedHalo show on Tue. January 22, from 7-10PM and discuss the intersection of secular music and spirituality. Bill and the band play 3 BRAND NEW SONGS as well as tunes from Beautiful Mess and Tell Your Mother. 


Hour 3...


Broken Lullaby (with interview) Lyrics

That's What You Get   (with interview)

Hour 2...


Your World (with interview) Lyrics

Not Alone (with interview)

Hour 1...

It's Time (with interview)


Stay So Close
(with interview on Bob Dylan etc.)



LISTEN to mp3s of BMcG & The Good Thieves' interview and performance on SIRIUS Satellite Radio from January 12,m2007

1. Turn Around

2. Citizens' Band (w/ interview)

3. Girl Meets God (w/ interview)

4. Please Don't Go (w/ interview)

You can check out the pix taken at Sirius here or on

Many thanks to Fr. Dave and the lovely and talented Ms. Robyn Gould for having us on..




























The new cd Beautiful Mess is exclusively for sale here.**


In addition to the Good Thieves, the album features contributions from a number of other musicians including Amy Helm, Tony Leone and Byron Isaacs of Ollabelle. As well as Jon Graboff (Ryan Adams and The Cardinals) and Andy Burton (Ian Hunter).



-MP3s of the new songs are now posted here.


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