The Editor's Pick in this week's Philadelphia Weekly
Bill McGarvey
Tell Your Mother
Theivery Records

If there really are a million stories in the naked city, Hoboken-based/Philly ex-pat Bill McGarvey sounds like he's seen a bunch firsthand, or at least eavesdropped on a good many third-party reinterpretations over drinks in a Bowery bar. Girls who couldn't be bothered, girls who couldn't stay and girls who wouldn't go away get top billing in the pop mini suites on his Tell Your Mother album, which is a classy, well-arranged bouquet of winks and nods (some more obvious than others) to composers like Harry Nilsson, Ben Folds and, yep, even those McCartney and Wilson fellas. But don't be scared off by such de rigueur "pop tunesmith" tendencies and influences. McGarvey uses jaunty chamber pop to examine dilemmas rarely addressed in the three-minute pop song, like just what should you do when an attractive girl you'd like to approach is standing next to a feminist icon in a crowded subway car ("Standing Next to Gloria Steinem")? McGarvey's advice? Proceed with caution. My advice on his Point show? Proceed if you have a love of literate pop music. (Patrick Berkery)

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