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The Tell Your Mother Video   


"Waste a Goodbye"
Live at the Hoboken Street Festival

This video was shot by from the Hoboken Street festival.

The Good Thieves for this performance included:

Kimberly Nordling-Curtin-Flute, BVox

Eric dePicciotto-Guitar

Stephen Hund-Gtr, BVox

William Paris-Bass

BMcG-Drums, Vox

(many thanks to Bumpskey for shooting the video and posting it on YouTube)


Live at the Living Room NYC, January 2007

Bill McGarvey & the Good Thieves perform "Girl Meets God" and "Gone, Gone, Gone" (from the album Beautiful Mess) at the Living Room in NYC.

The Good Thieves are:

Bill McGarvey-Guitar, Vox

Stephen Hund-Drums

Mike Tichy-Guitar, Keys

Ari Huff-Bass

Filmed by Eric dePiccioto on a Canon still photo camera


with Valentine Smith

"Katie's A No-Show" Video (1994)

Valentine Smith—featuring BMcG on vocals—made a video of "Katie's A No-Show" for their debut album Back on Earth. Both the album and the single received rave reviews from outlets ranging from the New York Times and the Washington Post to Billboard.

The video was directed by Miles Barken and was featured on local video outlets around the US, Canada and Europe.

Valentine Smith:

Bill McGarvey-Vocals
Stephen Dima-Guitar
Brad Finkel-Bass
Wilbur Jones-Drums
Claudia Chopek-Violin


Due to YouTube's size restrictions, the video resolution is not as high as it could be. To see a higher resolution of the "Katie's a No-Show" video click on the small picture above.

Click here to visit the Valentine Smith website