Here’s a review of the Plaid as Hell live album that appeared last week in the Sun Herald (Biloxi, MS).

McGarvey gives covers new life

We're getting into November now, speeding toward the year's end, so here are a couple of short reviews of CDs received recently, one of them a club recording of favorite covers by an artist who will likely show up on our Top 10 of 2003. "Plaid As Hell: The Cover-Up Sessions Vol. 1," Bill McGarvey & The Good Thieves (Thievery Records)

Bill McGarvey's album "Tell Your Mother" (reviewed March 6, '03) is excellent. This CD is more for collectors, but it's a diverse bunch of covers (from R.E.M. to the Pixies and back) done with feeling by McGarvey and his band. One listen to the audience singing along on their acoustic version of Tom Petty's "American Girl" tells you that the crowd loves the band and the song.

Bill McGarvey & The Good Thieves would go over at some New Orleans locations and maybe here.

My favorite tunes include "Jet," with violin taking the synthesizer part on this Paul McCartney/Wings classic, and a cosmic rendition of David Bowie's "Starman."

The sound is somewhat rough, because recording directly to mini-disc allowed no postconcert adjustments. This CD is sold only at shows right now, but online sales will begin soon. Go to McGarvey's Web site,, to find out where he's playing. Order one of the year's best albums while you're there!

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