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Beautiful Mess $13.75
NOTE: Beautiful Mess is not yet available in stores or on iTunes. Copies are exclusively for sale here.

Tracks:   Girl Meets God; Lost in Translation; Turn Around; Citizens' Band; True Blue; Gone, Gone, Gone; Yer Mine; It's Time; Please Don't Go; Waste a Goodbye; Not Alone; Breaking in Two; Just Might Cry;

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Tell Your Mother $13.75

(also available on iTunes )

Tracks:   Stay, Tell Your Mother, 5 O'Clock Hero, Now, Jericho Smile, Look What You've Done To Me, Settle Down (Ballad of the Cornfed Beauty), You Do It All Yourself, Hang On, That's What You Get, Standing Next To Gloria Steinem, Outside The Lines, I Hear Voices, Sorrow

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Plaid As Hell: The Cover-Up Sessions Vol. 1 $8.75

Tracks:   Finest Worksong, Here Comes Your Man, Jet, Two of Us, American Girl, Starman, Night Ranger vs. .38 Special, Talk About the Passion, Happy, Livin' La Vida Loca, Dreaming



Valentine Smith:

Valentine Smith

(sorry, cds sold out)

(available on iTunes)
Tracks:   Lord, She Bores Me; Eternal Love; Supernatural; Chatham; Escape To Houdini's Grave; She's Going Underground; Peactime (Reprise)

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Putting In The Peacetime Hours $15.00

(also available on iTunes)

Tracks:   John Wayne Ain't Afraid, The News From Day To Day, Ahead Of Her Time, Not On Your Life, You Came In Peace, Goodbye Mr. Hide, Better Off Blind, Heart Attack On Lemon Avenue, Putting In The Peacetime Hours, Night Hangs On

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Back On Earth
(sorry, cds sold out)

(available on iTunes)
Tracks:   Dress You Up; Katie's A No-Show; Private Downtown; Dissapointing Mary; Back On Earth; Nelson G.

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